Budweiser - We Speak Music

Connecting Budweiser with a younger audience through maker culture, music, and Rhizomatiks.

Brief & Insight

For the Chinese youth, music is the language of self-expression.
To express how they feel, they post song lyrics, streaming mp3s, music videos on social.

Bud thought : why shouldn’t they use their own words? What if the beer on everyone’s lips created music from the words on everyone’s lips?

Our self-set brief was simple, let people create amazing music in a way they have never seen with a result they have never heard.


What if you could turn anything you typed into professionally sung music with an amazing beat?

Introducing Budweiser “WeSpeakMusic”.

Execution & Result

- 3.5 Million songs generated.
- The world’s first multi-platform engine that turns whatever you type into a professional-grade song.
- Yes, anything you type. Yes, with full instrumentation and vocals.

Created in collaboration with Rhizomatiks (Aryton Senna Sound of Honda, Museum of Me), WSM become one of the most massive social campaigns ever in China, averaging 300,000+ song requests per day.

Roles: Art Director, UX

Case Film (Vimeo)