Budweiser - World Cup Campaign

A multi-million dollar Tencent team up, original football stories from VICE and the game we built.

Brief & Insight

For the 2014 Brazil World Cup Budweiser China penned a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Tencent Sports, China’s number one online sports platform.

The brief on the surface was simple, 1 novel idea to drive engagement with the brand, 1 evolution of an existing offline CSR drive and arrange a vast library of original content from multiple agency partners.


The core idea, Rise As One: The Game, China’s first multiplayer realtime betting platform. The game allowed you to challenge your friends before, during and after each match all delivered via wechat conversations, moments and rich HTML graphics.

Execution & Results

The site launched with the opening ceremony in Brazil gaining 2.7 million unique impressions over a 4 week period.

Roles: Art Director, UX