Chinese New Year

FWA & AWWWARDS winning mobile toasting experience

A cutting edge WebGL experience to celebrate your CNY dreams. Winner of both FWA and AWWWARDS SOTD.


We took an iconic gesture of celebration inseparable to the upcoming holiday – the toast and the dreams for the year ahead that support it. Then asked what if we could utilise mobile to hijack that gesture, allowing people all over China to digitally toast to their CNY dreams in 1 shared global night sky? A never-ending space alive with dreams from across the world.

The interaction was simple.

– Enter the site via wechat and input your dream or a friends for the year ahead.
– Launch that dream into the sky with a toasting motion (accelerometer).
– Watch your dream encased in fireworks launch into the sky and explode 1 character at a time.



Roles: Concept, UX, Art Director
Build: Du Hai Hang