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After a successful re-design and launch of the Nike App in china, our sister company Converse reached out for support. However, their challenge was a even bigger - there is no global Converse App, its only owned platform being a website. China would need to lead the way in defining a Converse mobile experience.

With such an exciting opportunity emerging, I worked with Nike & Converse GM’s to allow the Nike Design Team to take this on as a stretch project. Allowing for a first of it’s kind inter-company (Nike Inc.) and international resource share (Design reviews with Converse VP of Design in Boston).


We reused high-level UX Design from our previous Nike App China product (saving months of design time) then immersive ourselves in the visual world of Converse over a multi-day workshop to re-design the UI for the Chinese Converse user. Certain features, such as the Store, were more heavily re-designed for Converse’s smaller product assortment.

After the base Member and Commerce experience was complete, we injected new Converse specific features such as Launch Calendars and Lucky Draw’s (Nike using the dedicated SNKRS app for this).

In a rare design moment, we (the China team) defined the first true Converse mobile experience.

Project was held up at a global level as a sucessful example of Nike Inc partnership.

XXM Chinese Converse consumers served for the first time.
$XXM in Revenue in it’s first year.


Roles: Project Initator, Strategic Leadership, Creative & Design Direction
Production: Nike Digital Design Greater China


Review Film Password: cutfourth

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