Holiday Inn

Relaunching one of China’s oldest international brands


Relaunch the Holiday brand.


With 23,497 rooms in China there is probably more happening under the roof of a Holiday Inn than any other brand.

From this we created ‘Moments Of Joy’ the idea that Holiday Inn is not about being the fanciest or the cheapest hotel, it’s about being your reliable worldwide stage for creating personal and professional moments of joy. To bring this to life - ‘Holiday Inn Stories’ a series of intimate short films covering the lives of different Holiday Inn guests (Family, Business, Leisure) and the special moments they bring during their stay.


The China platform "Moments of Joy" was was adopted by Holiday Inn globally -- a rarity for China.

3 short films were written, 2 of which can be viewed below.

Roles: Creative Director, Writer, Art Director
Director: Jess & Jing
Production: PIG China