Huawei - Instagram Account Launch

Launching the P8 phone on Instagram with ‘Infinite Light Painting’

Brief & Insight

No money, no time, only an opportunity to “do something interesting” with the launch of Huawei’s first official global Instagram account to support the release of it’s latest phone, the P8.

The P8’s USP? It’s the first consumer phone to offer long-exposure photography, a technique most often used for ‘light painting’.


Use our P8’s light painting mode in conjunction with Instagram’s unique tile format to create an infinite brand-consumer light painting.

Everyday a new tile was released affording us a space to talk about one product feature while putting out a creative challenge to the #lightpainters of Instagram. The promise being that everday 1 DSLR light painter who answered the challenge would be gifted the world’s first long exposure phone – allowing them to perform their art anywhere, anytime.


0 – 53K followers in 2 weeks with 0 paid media.