Nike App on WeChat

Bringing the best of Nike to 1 billion+ Athletes*


How can we remove friction and create true distinction for the Chinese Athlete*

Strategy & Mission

WeChat, the social & messaging app that serves over 1.2 Billion users, launched it’s ‘Mini-Program' platform in 2017, allowing brands to create on-demand ‘instant’ applications that could be launched within the WeChat App itself (effectively turning it into an OS).

We at Nike China (who had yet to bring the traditional Nike App to market) seized this opportunity to create from scratch a full Commerce, Services & Membership experience designed completely around the Chinese consumer.

Nike China has multiple consumer touch points that play to their unique strengths, but only 1 is capable of a full service offering, the Nike WeChat Mini-Program.

Launching in September 2018, the Nike MP is now on version 3.2 removing friction and creating distinction for millions of Athletes* every month.

XXM Athletes* served
$XXXM in Revenue
+60% Enagagment uplift from the standard US Design.

Year 1
Condense the best of Nike App, and Nike TMALL into 1 WeChat focused experience through it’s Mini-Program (Instant App) platform, delivering our best features to over a billion Athletes*.

Year 2+
Leverage the power of embedding a commerce experience inside a social platform through continous development of new WeChat only functionality.


Roles: Strategic Leadership, Creative Direction and Continous Design Delivery
Production: Nike Digital Design Greater China


Review Film Password: cutfourth

Store 3.0
Multiple rounds of research and re-designs to create a flexilbe store design that removes friction and creates distinction for the Chinese consumer.

PDP 2.0
Similar to Store 3.0, a design optimaized for passiving scrolling discovery.

Social Gifting
Elevating the sharing moment and leveraging our strength of being embeded inside a social network.
Access to all your Nike functions and the NikePass for accessing the best of Nike offline.

Retail Mode
The App transforms when scanned, or in proximity to, a Nike Store. This mode offers several features to streamline and incentivize the shopping experience such as Scan to Try-on, Scan to Learn and Scan for Promotions.

Multi-Item Cart and Single Item Checkout
Frictionless base features done right for the unique China market.

Unique Stores
The team created a series of evergreen and time-bound stores for special products and big consumer moments such as Singles Day.