Nike’s first Chinese brand typeface.

A Problem 3 Decades Old.

Since it’s China debut in 1981, Nike has had no unified Chinese brand font, meaning it was unable to communicate the brand in China consistently through typography (like almost every other brand in China). 

Why? A singular stock Chinese font has never proved right for Nike, while creating a new Chinese font is a formidable multi-year challenge.

Without a unified headline font, we are missing half of what makes our words iconic, their shape. Every campaign, every billboard, every digital product becomes another missed opportunity to build brand equity through one Nike Chinese typographic identify.

Solution (Pitch)

In 1988 Nike introduced it’s English brand typeface, an off-the-shelf Futura ExtraBold Condensed. It is now an iconic pillar of the brand, instantly recognisable as Nike somewhere deep in your brain.

The Chinese language consists of 1000s of characters to the English 26. There is no off-the-shelf solution.

Let’s create the world’s first truly* branded original Chinese typeface, that can be used across all channels consistently, until it becomes instantly recognisable as Nike somewhere deep in your brain.

*Tencent and Alibaba have created typefaces, but these are system fonts first, brand fonts second.


Year One

Nike Greater China has created the worlds first truly branded Chinese typographic identity. It is now a standard used across channels (see below), and a key pillar in our overall strategic objective of making Nike feel even more of a brand for China by China.
Year X

Nike becomes one of the only brands in China recognizable through the shape of its Chinese words alone.

Roles: Idea, Pitch, Strategic Leadership, Creative Direction
Production: Nike Digital Design Greater China & Monotype