A modular, floating, hydroponic tool for urban coastal environments that challenges current systems of land use and a culture of global food importation by returning food production to the centre of its consumption.

SEALEAF is designed to deliver 3 key benefits

Create true mass agriculture inside greater urban areas rendering the concept of local food for a local population, at a reasonable price, a reality.

Eliminate carbon miles incurred from mass importation of everyday produce.

Contribute to the food security of nations through the creation of a local agricultural industry within its consumption centres.

Awards and Future

Shortly after going public Sealeaf received worldwide attention through major news outlets and popular online blogs. While under consideration for seed funding from several sources such as the Royal Academy for Engineering in London it won First Prize at the Core77 Annual Design Awards in the Food Design Category.

Roles: Co-founder, Creative Direction, Co-builder, Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Design, Copy